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Jane Cousins - AUTHOR

Author of the Southern Sanctuary Series / By The Numbers Series.

Am all about hot instant attraction, writing PNR/Mystery I think every story needs romance, humour and action.


Universal Alien

Universal Alien - Gini Koch Enjoyed this multi-universe / multiple Kitty adventure. Thought the author did an excellent job of keeping me enthralled in the competing story lines, and I didn't resent at all the switching back and forth between worlds every few chapters.
I do prefer Kitty (Martini world) over all other Kitty's. And had to laugh at my own reaction when alternative Kitty moved Jamie into her own bedroom - it kind of ticked me off and I thought it highly presumptuous of her.
And is it just me - or is Kitty on the cover starting to look like Taylor Swift?
Can't wait for the smack down scheduled for the next book.