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Jane Cousins - AUTHOR

Author of the Southern Sanctuary Series / By The Numbers Series.

Am all about hot instant attraction, writing PNR/Mystery I think every story needs romance, humour and action.


The Zero Dog War

The Zero Dog War - Keith Melton This was a recommendation read but still I hesitated... zombies? Boy, am I glad I gave it a whirl. Funny, plenty of one liners that had me laughing out loud. A collection of great characters who were nicely developed and the majority of whom, seriously flawed.
The narrative takes place from two perspectives. The lead good guy (who is in fact a woman) and the lead bad guy (dark overlord Jeremiah - who despite focus group numbers doesn't wish to change his name to something more sinister)
There is a romance, simmering on the backburner, but really this story is all about the quirky band of characters and the adventures they go through.
You can tell the author had fun when writing this novel. And I certainly had fun reading it. If you have a quirky, slightly off centre sense of humour, then this one is for you.