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Jane Cousins - AUTHOR

Author of the Southern Sanctuary Series / By The Numbers Series.

Am all about hot instant attraction, writing PNR/Mystery I think every story needs romance, humour and action.


Archangel's Shadows

Archangel's Shadows: Guild Hunter, Book 7 - Nalini Singh, Justine Eyre Enjoyed this tale of Ash and her Cajun vampire. Though I think their story got a little lost in the telling, especially the climax with the bad guys, which seemed to build and build throughout the book only to be glossed over in the end.
Anytime I get a glimpse into this world it makes me happy, though to be honest my favourite books are those that centre fully on Elena and Raphael. They appear in this book, along with a lot of the other secondary characters, which I really appreciated, but as a result Ash/Janvier's story suffered (though not by much)