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Jane Cousins - AUTHOR

Author of the Southern Sanctuary Series / By The Numbers Series.

Am all about hot instant attraction, writing PNR/Mystery I think every story needs romance, humour and action.


Resenting the Hero

Resenting the Hero - Moira J. Moore Don't be fooled by the insipid cover - this is a well written series. Great premise of a world afflicted by natural disasters, which can only be averted by A Pair (Source and Shield) who have complimenting psychic powers, who once matched by magic must work and spend most of their lives bonded together.
Our h is a Shield, proud, independent but with self image issues. She's paired with the wealthy, confident H, who has a major reputation as a playboy.
This first in the series, the romance takes a back seat, but you sense it there evolving and building.
The story is great, world building deft and done well, the politics, the general populations' resentment of Pairs (who never pay for anything) and the big bad.
The series is well worth a read, and just gets better with each book.