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Jane Cousins - AUTHOR

Author of the Southern Sanctuary Series / By The Numbers Series.

Am all about hot instant attraction, writing PNR/Mystery I think every story needs romance, humour and action.


Mailbox FAQ Time

My mailbox server keeps sending me threatening 'archive or else' emails due to the dangerous levels of emails I am keeping in my inbox. 
Now I don't know what the '..or else' part actually involves, but it is enough to get me to dive in for a bit of a spring clean.

Q:  What will be the next title in the By The Numbers Series?
At the moment I am taking a hiatus on this series.  I do have a couple more ideas for books up my sleeve.  But they'll only get written if the fan mail for this series goes critical mass.

Q: When will bad guys Sek and Mot make another appearance in the Southern Sanctuary Series?
You're in luck.  They are the featured bad guys in book 6 - To Date A Disaster.  Where we'll discover a lot more about their history and why they want to wake daddy Apep, God of Chaos. 

Q: Besides Darcy, who else in the series will feature as leads in upcoming books?
I have lots of options/ideas but I really am at the mercy of my muse... take for instance Book 7 of the Southern Sanctuary Series. 
That was supposed to be Eli and Rafe's story.  But they got hip checked by Devon Patel who appeared as the mean girl in book 2 - To Trap a Temptress.  Suddenly I just had to tell the story of Devon going on fourteen bad blind dates and being forced to choose a husband from amongst them.
Other characters that are on my radar?  I have plans for both Riya and Quinn, who were bridesmaids at Gaia's wedding.  And also, Fen (brother of Locke, Erik and Hadleigh) his meld match is going to be a lot of fun to write. And let's not forget Darcy, she is still scheduled for book 10 or 11.

Q: Do I ever get writer's block?
Not as such.  Generally I know what the next scene will be, though occasionally I might experience a little difficulty in getting the dialogue flowing... if that happens I take a break and head to my local pool. 
There is something about swimming that is just so relaxing, my mind wanders and before you know it, the words are just flowing... pity I can't grab some paper and a pen in the pool and start scribbling.

Q: Am I working on any new series?
Yes, I have a tween appropriate series that I need to make some decisions on. I am also contemplating writing a series set in the future. 
More than anything it is just a question of where to find the time.  My current priority remains the Southern Sanctuary Series.

Q: Am I as funny in real life?
Funnier... if you can believe that.

Q: Will favourite character - Hadleigh - get another book of her own?
In an ideal world, yes.  In this world, probably not.  But she and Vaughn will continue to turn up in other titles as secondary characters.

Q:  Is there a family tree for the Southern Sanctuary?
Absolutely, and it's all mine.  It's as rough as hell but helps me ensure no first cousins accidentally hook up... LOL.

Q: Will all the gorgeous Maat warriors find their meld matches?
I already have rough story ideas in my head for Rafe and Marcus.  The twins though - Flynn and Dash - are another matter.
While I gave a huge hint in book 2 - To Trap A Temptress, as to whom the twins would eventually end up with - they (mischievous rogues that they are)and their meld mates still have a lot of growing up to do... so for the moment the twins are on the back burner, their stories bubbling away in my head.

Q:  If my burning question wasn't answered here, what can I do?
My email is officially back to manageable levels so you can either send me an email (via Goodreads), post your question on my author page, or become a fan/friend and send me messages.

Q:  What am I working on right now?
I am currently editing book 6 of the Southern Sanctuary Series - To Date A Disaster.
 Where Erik Valhalla, artist and determinedly single meets his match in Cara Devigne.  A disaster magnet of epic proportions and long lost descendant of Apep, the God of Chaos. 
Publication date - late May 2015