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Jane Cousins - AUTHOR

Author of the Southern Sanctuary Series / By The Numbers Series.

Am all about hot instant attraction, writing PNR/Mystery I think every story needs romance, humour and action.


The Book Slump Blues

...cue the harmonica music.

No matter how glossy the cover, how intriguing the title, how quirky the book blurb is... suddenly you find yourself wallowing in the book slump blues.
As usual you are caught unawares. Like any avid reader you have stockpiled away a plethora of great sounding reads. And when the first book you pick up doesn't take your fancy... well, not every book can be a winner.
But then your second choice is boring and your third is a complete and utter grind to read.
Welcome my friends to the Book Slump Blues.

Where nothing goes your way. At night you're too scared to get out of bed in case your dnf pile of books crashes down on top of you, trapping you there for days.
Your kindle makes odd little noises, that sounds almost but not quite like the thing is gnashing its teeth and contemplating taking a hunk out of your ankle.

Sure there are plenty of ways to break the slump... if you dare.
Re-reading an old beloved favourite is a risky move, guaranteed to pay off big dividends, if successful. Alternatively, you could taint forever one of your personal faves with your slump cooties.

Hit the glossy magazines, but we both know that's just a hollow stop gap. And can sometimes send you even further into a slump as the reality of your body shape/credit availability/inability to like or wear any of the so-called current fashions - slaps you none too daintily about the head and face.

Hit the shops... see above.

Take a holiday - My God, what are you thinking? What would you do on a holiday if you can't read?

Write one star reviews of all the crappy books you have read recently - could be cathartic, but what if the slump is all about you and not the poor author who slaved away for months/years and that every other reader is awarding glowing five star rave reviews.

The answer is of course simple. Television. Or more specifically in my case - Jensen Ackles. Seriously, that man smiles and my insides melt. I'm a huge Supernatural fan but also have Dark Angel on tap for when the slump is a really bad one.
I suggest you choose your own feel good fantasy male and apply like you would any medicine... as often and for as long as required.

Then, when you are relaxed and in a really good place... pick up that beloved go-to fave, and get back into the reading groove.
So long book slump blues... until the next time, damn you.